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Welcome to my portfolio. Here you'll find examples of features and products I've worked on over the last 7 years.


validating product decisions

Vamp is a marketplace that connects creatives with brands. Throughout my time there I was tasked with designing and validating countless features.

Google design sprints

The design team at Vamp collaborates closely with in house data scientists to define hypothesises and set objectives. I would often facilitate a custom variation of the Google design sprint. Our sprints involved three to five days of exploring the problem and ideating solutions. We would use lo-fidelity methods to focus on speed and generating ideas.

Feedback Sparring

Design is a collaborative process and feedback is invaluable. Holding feedback sparing sessions with people closest to the problem helps me reduce the chance of overlooking important factors. Feedback increases confidence when deciding on which ideas to leave behind and which to pursue.

usability testing

When deadlines are tight creating realistic prototypes sometimes requires a bit of creativity. Here you can see I've used a combination of Google sheets and prototyping tools. As the user drags their desired 'players' into their 'team' I triggered a calculation in the background that updates the user's 'team stats' in real time. The prototype only took an hour to create and mimicked the core functionality quite accurately. Despite the lo-fidelity users found the feature straightforward and enjoyable.


Effective communication between business strategists, designers and developers is so important when working on intricate software. User flows accompanied by links to screens, confluence pages and prototypes are just some of the methods I use when explaining new features. Here you can see a seemingly small modal design alongside an accompanying user flow. The flow shows how the feature works within an existing system.

building a new app

I was tasked with redesigning the app. Designing for tech savvy users in a fast paced environment was a blast. I was able to work within a variety of disciplines such as business strategy, usability testing and even react native development.

full stack design

While at Vamp I had the pleasure of working on the app, desktop platform and consumer website. Below is an example of a landing page I designed with the assistance of a copy writer.

Online Mentor

the challenge

Many young professionals are seeking specific advice for their careers however, traditional business consults are expensive and too general. Online Mentor is a marketplace that aims to provide learners with educational resources and high quality mentorship.


Learners can explore chatrooms specific to their field that are filled with like minded individuals. In addition to Learners using the platform, Mentors can host educational content and grow their following.


The chatroom dashboard is the perfect place to engage with a variety knowledgable people. Each room has it's own discussion topics and is facilitated by two or more mentors. Along with great conversation, you can find tutorials, motivational posts and invaluable documents such as invoice templates and mission statements.

landing page design

The landing page design was inspired by leading software as a service companies. The use of depth, an experimental grid and bite size components was intended to give the site a modern yet playful feel. 


the challenge

iCheck is a platform that empowers recruiters by automating the reference checking process. The challenge involved designing the UX and UI for the MVP product.

purchasing credits

The purchasing flow was designed to be very simply and require minimal cognitive processing.

Design + code + copy

Like the majority of the projects in my portfolio, I designed, coded and wrote copy for the final product. The iCheck website was no exception. Using cool crisp colours with subtle gradients helped to create a neat and sturdy look and feel.

Bar Tail

the challenge

Many bars in major cities tend to serve below average beverages at a premium rate. There are however, venues that take their craft more seriously than some. How may high quality cocktails make it into the hands of liquor enthusiasts? this is where Bar Tail comes into the picture.

user profile

The Bar Tail product allows people to create a personal profile then post photos, reviews and drink descriptions. The tab navigation allows users to easily explore each section of the profile.

Search & Filtering Options

Browse venues, drinks and people that are close to you. The filter feature allows you to alter your search criteria to locate drinks and venues tailored to your tastes. Bair Tail leverages multi directional gestures to create a fun and natural scrolling experience.

Activity Feed & Likes

Follow other liquor enthusiasts to keep up to date with the drinks and venues they enjoy. Liking items helps you find them later, it also helps the best content get seen by other users.

Fit Credit

the challenge

Fit Credit is fictitious company based off a real company I worked with. The challenge involved merging two existing products into a single product. There was a large percentage of users who had both products. Ensuring security and user comprehensive were paramount throughout the design process.

account overview

The Fit Credit app was designed to present users with the features that they value the most. These features were decided upon by analysing usage rates with Google Analytics. The app's interactions and UI are simple, clean and minimalist giving users a simple yet professional experience.

Merging two products

When planning the merging of products it was important to consider the various ways that people were using the current products. There were also segments of users who had different levels of verification hence verifying identify was an important aspect. The project called for over a dozen branches. I used Atom Design Principles allowing me to create re-usable building blocks making for consistent design and faster development.

Coin Republic

the challenge

A team of expert backend developers had created the worlds fastest cryptocurrency trading engine and needed a platform designed and developed.

APP redesign

The backend engineers had created a rough working prototype. I was tasked with rethinking the UX and UI while working within the limitations of the existing backend functionality.


This projected involved brand design, design systems (web & app), copy writing, UX / UI design, recruitment and team management.

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By designing for startups like Vamp, Workyard, DMG and zip™, the products I've worked on are used by over 500,000 people.