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Welcome to my portfolio. Here you'll find examples of self made projects and concepts.

Online Mentor

the challenge

Many young professionals are seeking specific advice for their careers however, traditional business consults are expensive and too general. Online Mentor is a marketplace that aims to provide learners with educational resources and high quality mentorship.


Learners can explore chatrooms specific to their field that are filled with like minded individuals. In addition to Learners using the platform, Mentors can host educational content and grow their following.


The chatroom dashboard is the perfect place to engage with a variety knowledgable people. Each room has it's own discussion topics and is facilitated by two or more mentors. Along with great conversation, you can find tutorials, motivational posts and invaluable documents such as invoice templates and mission statements.

landing page design

The landing page design was inspired by leading software as a service companies. The use of depth, an experimental grid and bite size components was intended to give the site a modern yet playful feel. 

Fit Credit

the challenge

Fit Credit is fictitious company based off a real company I worked with. The challenge involved merging two existing products into a single product. There was a large percentage of users who had both products. Ensuring security and user comprehensive were paramount throughout the design process.

account overview

The Fit Credit app was designed to present users with the features that they value the most. These features were decided upon by analysing usage rates with Google Analytics. The app's interactions and UI are simple, clean and minimalist giving users a simple yet professional experience.

Merging two products

When planning the merging of products it was important to consider the various ways that people were using the current products. There were also segments of users who had different levels of verification hence verifying identify was an important aspect. The project called for over a dozen branches. I used Atom Design Principles allowing me to create re-usable building blocks making for consistent design and faster development.


the challenge

iCheck is a platform that empowers recruiters by automating the reference checking process. The challenge involved designing the UX and UI for the MVP product.

purchasing credits

The purchasing flow was designed to be very simply and require minimal cognitive processing.

Design + code + copy

Like the majority of the projects in my portfolio, I designed, coded and wrote copy for the final product. The iCheck website was no exception. Using cool crisp colours with subtle gradients helped to create a neat and sturdy look and feel.

Bar Tail

the challenge

Many bars in major cities tend to serve below average beverages at a premium rate. There are however, venues that take their craft more seriously than some. How may high quality cocktails make it into the hands of liquor enthusiasts? this is where Bar Tail comes into the picture.

user profile

The Bar Tail product allows people to create a personal profile then post photos, reviews and drink descriptions. The tab navigation allows users to easily explore each section of the profile.

Search & Filtering Options

Browse venues, drinks and people that are close to you. The filter feature allows you to alter your search criteria to locate drinks and venues tailored to your tastes. Bair Tail leverages multi directional gestures to create a fun and natural scrolling experience.

Activity Feed & Likes

Follow other liquor enthusiasts to keep up to date with the drinks and venues they enjoy. Liking items helps you find them later, it also helps the best content get seen by other users.

Note Nest

the challenge

Unordinary tasks require us to break away from our daily routine.
Forgetting to complete what we set out to achieve is a common problem.


Note Nest reduces friction in note taking by presenting users with the keyboard as soon as they open the app. Each note has the option of adding a description, setting a reminder notification, attaching an image or sharing with a friend.

Creating lists

Users have the ability to create custom lists and collaborate with friends or colleagues. Notifications can be turned on or off for some lists but not others. Each list has a unique colour allowing for quick identification.

Intern Skip

the challenge

Between 2008 and 2014, the percentage of university graduates in full-time positions dropped from 56.4% to 41.7% (abc 2016). It is becoming increasingly hard for university students to find full time employment. Intern Skip connects university graduates with the right recruiters.
Read my full report.

Recruiter Profiles

To build trust amongst students using the platform, recruiters are encourage to display specific details about their current rates and terms. InternSkip is perfect for recruiters looking to form lifelong relationships with graduates.


Users are given a simple and familiar way to navigate current opportunities via the site’s job board. Unlike standard job boards, Intern Skip promotes working opportunities along with the prospect of a mentoring relationship with an experienced recruiter.

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